OKULT is a Swedish fashion label founded in 2018 by Lisa Lou Berggren.

Isolated from fashion calendar, OKULT aspire to stand free from fashion trends mania. The label compose concepts with its own myths, deceptions, intergalactic space and ideology, and develop ideas through a strong creative process and a present direct connection with artisans in Italy. OKULT propose persistent superior quality pieces within dateless and functional design.

We do not outset from the old fashion system with seasonal collections. The time, trend or age is not the ideal. We believe in building a true interaction between the brand, artisans and clients. 
 Emphasizing the time of each phase in the making of cloths and devote full respect to the unique local craft-women-ship. Supporting an ethical working condition for everyone who are involved from designing to producing, - for a future of sustainability. By the making of less copies, - each solo garment uncover an exceptional quality and durability. All our materials and fabrics are sustainably produced in Italy and our styles are proudly made in Sardinia, Italy.